• Download poker

    The poker software is in english and games are played with international poker rules. The software is completely free and of great quality with visually rich graphics. By playing with players from around the world you have even more opportunity to develop your game. Download and enjoy!

    Important: Play Bets10 Bets10 Poker through the web client on a Mac. Web client will be available in the beginning of December.

    How To Play

    Choose the poker game of choice from the lobby. When you've chosen the table click the 'Go to table' button and you will be seated. Tables are sorted based on game format and game limit.

    During the game when the action is on you your seat box turns orange and you'll have limited time to act. The dealer position at the table is shown with a 'D' called the button.

    When you open a poker table, you can also watch the game without playing. Select an empty seat when you want to join in the game and you can then take your place.